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110 Years For Bail Bondsman Who Killed Teens With Tomahawk

Kevin Watkins was sentenced Friday for the brutal murders of two teenage boys on Christmas Eve 2015.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former bail bondsman Kevin Watkins was sentenced to 110 years in prison Friday for the brutal murders of teenage friends Satori Dionne Williams and Timmee Jackson on Christmas Eve 2015.

Watkins, 52, was convicted of the teens’ murders in March after failing to convince a jury that the lethal injuries he inflicted on the boys – seven tomahawk blows to each of their heads – were in self-defense.

Prior to the sentencing, the boys’ families had the opportunity to read letters to Judge Grant Hawkins. Williams’ grandfather told the judge that Watkins was a “human biohazard.”

“If this man has not shown a departed indifference to human life, then I’m not sure what would,” he said.

Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Mark Hollingsworth, calling the deaths of Williams and Jackson “horrific,” urged Hawkins not to agree to the defense’s request for his sentences to be served concurrently.

“You don’t take two lives – the lives of a 15- and 16-year-old – and get two-for-one,” Hollingsworth said.

Although Waktins’ attorney had initially informed the court his client didn’t wish to speak, when asked by the judge, Watkins did decide to say something on his behalf.

Without taking responsibility for the teens’ deaths or apologizing to the families, Watkins nevertheless told them they were always on his mind.

“To the family: In that cell every day I say your name to God,” Watkins said. “This is not me. This is not me. This is a nightmare.”

Addressing Williams’ mother directly, Watkins said repeatedly that he didn’t know either boy, and that he couldn’t explain how he ended up killing them.

“I’m not the monster they say I am,” he said. “I have kids. I raised kids. I’m no hater of kids.”

Watkins’ attorney Jeff Neel asked Hawkins to sentence his client to two 45-year sentences to be served concurrently. That would potentially have allowed him to be released after 33 years behind bars.

Ultimately, Hawkins sided with the prosecution, ordering Watkins to serve two consecutive sentences of 55 years in prison.

“I’m kind of old school,” Hawkins said. “If you cause two deaths, you get two sentences.”

Indiana law requires Watkins to serve 75 percent, or 82.5 years, of his sentence. That makes it effectively a life sentence for the 52-year-old.

Watkins indicated after the sentence was read that he intends to appeal his conviction.

Outside of the courtroom, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said he felt the verdict matched the crime Watkins committed.

“On occasion, murder rises to pure evil, and Kevin Watkins is evil and deserves every single day – every single day – of the 110 years he was given by the court today,” Curry said.

(Story by Jordan Fischer, RTV6.)

(Photo by RTV6.)

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