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590 Years in Prison for Convicted Rush Co. Child Molester

Judge David Northam says the age of Bruce Sorenson's victims was one of the factors that helped determine his five-century sentence.

RUSHVILLE, Ind. -- A convicted child molester from Rushville has been sentenced to 590 years in prison.

The prison sentence given Thursday to 51-year-old Bruce Sorenson may be the longest in Rush County history, says prosecutor Phil Caviness. 

Sorenson, 51, was convicted of 14 counts of child molesting and sexual misconduct with a minor. Some of his crimes date back to 1997.

Judge David Northam said the young age of Sorenson's victims, the harm done to the victims, and Sorenson's role in a position of trust in relation to the victims all contributed to the lengthy sentence, The Rushville Republican reported.

"Our criminal justice system cannot restore to the victims what Sorenson took from them, but this sentence is the best and most that we can achieve in a case like this," Caviness said at Thursday's sentencing hearing.

Sorenson will spend the rest of his life in prison. According to The Rushville Republican, he would have to serve at least 85-percent of his sentence--more than 500 years--before being eligible for release.

(Photo by Brian A. Jackson/Thinkstock.)

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