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84-Year-Old Grandfather Fires Back At Burglars Breaking Into His Shelbyville Barn

Two of the suspects were caught shortly after. A third suspect is still on the loose.

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – An 84-year-old grandfather fired back when he caught masked intruders breaking into his property and they started shooting at him.

Police in Shelbyville said the break-in happened Tuesday afternoon. Mason Elliot said his grandfather, Robert Elliot, called him when he saw the masked men pulling into the property and told him to call the police and stay inside.

Photos taken from a surveillance camera on the property show the suspects using an ax to break into a barn door just before Robert ran outside with his gun.

Before police could get to the scene, the suspects started shooting at Robert and he returned fire, sending them running from the scene. No one was injured.

A short time later police say they found Jajuan Dinkins, 18, hiding in a dumpster and Roan Waters, 20, hiding in a nearby cornfield. Mason said he's proud of the way his grandfather handled the situation.

“He retired with top government clearance in avionics, he fought in the Korean War, he ain’t scared of the devil."

Mason said police also found items that had been stolen from his grandfather's home at an earlier break-in.

Dinkins and Waters each face several felony charges including burglary and criminal recklessness. Police are still trying to track down a third suspect.


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