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Accused Noblesville Shooter Could Learn His Punishment Today

The 13-year-old will be in court today at 8:30 after previously admitting guilt to all counts against him.

NOBLESVILLE, Ind.-- The fate of the boy accused of shooting a teacher and student at Noblesville West Middle School in May could be decided Monday morning.

The 13-year-old admitted last week to shooting classmate Ella Whistler and seventh-grade science teacher Jason Seaman. He also apologized for the shooting.

The boy will be in court at 8:30 a.m. for the disposition in the case, which is the juvenile court version of a sentencing. 

 A judge heard and saw more than five hours of evidence and testimony at a hearing Nov. 5.

Prosecutors recommend the boy be sent to a state juvenile detention center, and that he be placed on probation until he is 21.

The boy's attorneys asked the judge that he be sent to a private residential treatment center, arguing that he could be influenced by older boys if placed in an a state-run facility. 

The Whistlers asked for the maximum sentence possible, and Seaman said he does not feel the boy should be released back into society until he's completed mental health treatment and it's a certainty that "he is not a threat to himself or to anyone else."


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