All Incumbent Reps Re-elected, Pence and Baird to Join DC Delegation


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All Incumbent Reps Re-elected, Pence and Baird to Join DC Delegation

The seven Republican members will be in the minority when they are sworn in.

INDIANAPOLIS--All Indiana representatives who were seeking another term won Tuesday. All seven Democrats and Republicans are going back to DC, and they'll be joined by new representatives Jim Baird, a Republican replacing Todd Rokita in the 4th District, and Greg Pence, a Republican, who replaces Luke Messer in the 6th District.

The Republican members of Indiana's delegation now face being in the minority when the Congress is sworn in in January.

"I'll work with anybody," said Rep. Jackie Walorski, who represents northern Indiana in the 2nd District. "There will be things that we disagree upon. I am not happy that there's a potential that Nancy Pelosi could take this country backwards."

She promised to work with Democrats, despite the potential leadership.

Rep. Dr. Larry Bucshon, a physician who represents Indiana's 8th District in the southwest part of the state, also said he is willing to work with Democrats.

"I'll hopefully be able to work with them on infrastructure, on immigration and particularly work with them to try and get health care costs down," said Bucshon. He said he believes the "real issue" is not who pays for health care, but rather the cost of the product.

"We spend more per capita on health care than any other country in the world, and we need to get that cost down. If we get that cost down, we'll be able to cover more people."

Bucshon said he believes the government should be more transparent about how money is spent on the Affordable Care Act and health care in general.

Walorski said she will fight for fairness in the tariffs on aluminum and steel, which affect livelihoods in Elkhart.

"We've made a lot of great inroads inside, being able to bring some administrative changes, things that make it easier for people to file exclusions and that process is very helpful up here," said Walorski.

Rep. Andre Carson said he believes his district re-elected him to be their advocate in DC.

"It's about making sure that those who have trusted you to care for their issues, that they feel safe, they feel secure and they know they have an advocate in you," said the Democrat, who represents 7th District in Indianapolis. He and Rep. Pete Visclosky, who represents the 1st District, in northwest Indiana, near Chicago, are the state's only two Democrat representatives.

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