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"All Options": Pence Talks Tough About North Korea at Yokota Air Base

The VP is on his way to the Winter Olympics. He is making no bones about the administration's commitment to stop the Kim regime's nuclear ramp up.

TOKYO--Still on his way to Friday's opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Vice-Pres. Mike Pence made another stop in Japan, at Yokota Air Base, to speak to American military members stationed there. His message: North Korea's current government is evil.

He's been saying that during this trip, but in Wednesday's speech Pence added more fire.

"As we speak an estimated 100,000 North Koreans labor in modern-day gulags. Those who dare raise their voices in dissent are imprisoned, tortured and even murdered. Their children and grandchildren routinely punished for sins against the state."

Pence is attempting to counter the picture that the Kim regime is trying to paint as they attend and participate in the winter games. And, tensions between South Korea and the north have been easing to a small degree.

"From here at Yokota Air Base and beyond, we are ready for any eventuality," said Pence, adding that the U.S. is ready for whatever move North Korea may make next.

The day before he spoke of new economic sanctions. Wednesday he talked about military options.

"Let the world know we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with a response that is rapid, overwhelming and effective," said Pence. "All options are on the table and the American Armed Forces and the Self-Defense Forces of Japan will be ready to defend our people and our way of life."

He also spoke directly to the men and women at the air base.

"The United States of America will always seek peace. We will ever strive for a better future. But you, the instruments of American power know, and let our adversaries know, all options are on the table."


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