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AUDIO: Drama Between Fort Wayne Mayor And City Clerk Continues To Unfold

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry seemingly confirms he revoked City Clerk Lana keesling's assigned parking space at city hall in retaliation to her parking enforcement officer ticketing his city issued car.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- A development in the argument between Fort Wayne’s Mayor and City Clerk, over tickets and parking spaces.

“People are stopping me, saying ‘oh, you got fined $100.’ No, I didn’t. I wouldn’t have paid that ticket anyway,” says Mayor Tom Henry to City Clerk Lana Keesling, in a recording provided to WOWO News of a discussion between the two that happened after Keesling’s office issued a $100 ticket over an expired license plate on Henry’s city-owned car.

Keesling says Henry retaliated against her for that by revoking her parking spot at Citizens Square, something seemingly confirmed by the audio, apparently captured by a recorder in a bag or purse.

“So, you are removing my garage door opener because of this situation?” Keesling asks in the audio, to which Henry replies: “Exactly.”

In a statement provided to the News-Sentinel, Mayor Henry’s spokesman John Perlich said the following:

“We’re disappointed Clerk Keesling recorded a recent, private meeting with the mayor without the mayor’s knowledge. Mayor Henry wants to move forward and restore his relationship with Clerk Keesling. That effort began late yesterday with his outreach to the clerk to re-institute the parking spot she previously had. We don’t want the recent and unfortunate disagreement to get in the way of the mayor and clerk serving the public with excellent services.”


Article: Courtesy of WOWO News

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