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Banks on Impeachment: Hoosiers Are Getting the Short End of the Stick

The Congressman says the House should be focused on passing USMCA and moving America forward.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--The impeachment inquiry is a frustrating process to Rep. Jim Banks (R), who says it's a distraction with no substance, and it's keeping Congress from taking up real issues.

"Hoosiers come out on the short end of the stick because the impeachment hearings are focusing on something that doesn't have anything to do with moving our country forward," said Banks, a guest on Abdul-at-Large. "That overshadows all the good things we could be doing right now, like passing USMCA (The United States Mexico Canada Agreement), like tackling the China threat, keeping America safe and secure, rebuilding our military, immigration issues."

Banks said he believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been forced into the inquiry by other Democrats, but at the same time is using the hearings to injure Pres. Trump as a political candidate.

He said that the hearings are irregular in that they are being taken up in six committees, not just in the House Judiciary Committee, which is where articles of impeachment would historically be drawn.

"What in the world does the Financial Services Committee have to do with impeachment? What does the Ways and Means Committee have to do with impeachment. So, these other committees are taking up impeachment inquiry hearings against the normal process."

Banks said he believes it has to do with the leaders of those committees attempting to derive glory and media attention for their part in the process.

He said freshman Democrats who were elected in states where Republicans might just as easily have a chance, are nervous.

"They don't want to be focused on impeachment. They know that it's a political liability heading into 2020, because the American people want us to focus on the issues," said Banks.

Banks said he's ready to get on with business, apart from the impeachment hearings.

"Our representatives like myself, or even Andre Carson, the Democrat representative from Indianapolis, have not been given the opportunity to vote on it."

Banks said he'd also like to hear a clear explanation on why the president is the subject of impeachment hearings.

PHOTO: Jim Banks from CSPAN

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