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Bedford Man Arrested For Threatening School Board Members Over Email

Jade Miller is charged with intimidation and harassment, say Indiana State Police

BEDFORD, Ind. -- Intimidation and harassment are some of the charges against man in Lawrence County. 

State police say they were called by a North Lawrence school board member last year. They said they had been emailed by a man identifying himself as James White. This man said they intended to ridicule and ruin the school board member's life and reputation if they tried running for re-election. 

Troopers say not long after the investigation began, a second school board member came forward saying the same thing. The second school board member said they had several threatening emails from a James White dating back to 2016.

ISP put their Cyber Crimes Unit on the case and they eventually tracked down Jade Miller of Bedford. They say Miller sent the emails not only from his home computer but from where he worked and even from where he was taking a vacation.

Miller was arrested and taken to jail Thursday night. He's charged with intimidation, deception, and harassment. 

(PHOTO: Indiana State Police)

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