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Bird Scooters Flying Out of Indy

Bird agrees to pull its motorized scootes off the streets while the city works on an ordinance regulating their use.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Just as quick as they flew in, Bird scooters are flying off the streets. 

The decision comes a week after the company's competitor, Lime, removed its scooters in compliance with a cease-and-desist order. Bird started removing its scooters on Wednesday, but says its working with the city on a way to return in the near future.

"We are glad to be working with Indianapolis to build a framework that permits affordable transportation options...While this work is underway, we have agreed to remove our scooters from the streets of Indianapolis and started removing vehicles on Wednesday. We hope the ordinance and its resulting permit process is completed as soon as possible so we can get back to helping people easily get around Indianapolis," said a Bird spokesperson. 

The City-County Council will vote next week on a ordinance that would allow the city to license shared mobility systems like Bird and Lime. 

(Photo: Robyn Beck/Getty Images)

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