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Boone Co. Prosecutor: We Convicted Man Suspected in Edwin Jackson Crash in 2017

Prosecuting Attorney Todd Meyer says his office convicted Manuel Orrego-Savala in 2017 while he was using the alias "Alex Cabrera Gonsales".

LEBANON, Ind. -- Manuel Orrego-Savala, the man accused of killing a Colts player and his Uber driver in a crash on I-70, has likely been convicted in Indiana once before, says Boone Co. Prosecuting Attorney Todd Meyer.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Meyer said that his office convicted someone named Alex Cabrera Gonsales in August 2017 for "operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license", a misdemeanor.

Alex Cabrera Gonsales was the name Orrego-Savala gave to police on Sunday evening.

"According to court documents and jail information, Alex Cabrera Gonsales is the same person as Manuel Orrego-Savala, the man currently in custody in Marion County for allegedly causing Sunday's crash," the statement read.

Prosecutor Meyer has spoken with Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry about opening an investigation into the man's real identity.

"Depending on the results of that investigation, either Prosecutor Curry’s office or mine, or both I guess, in the event he used false information in both Boone and Marion Counties, will review those findings for possible perjury, forgery, false informing and identity deception charges, among other potential charges," Meyer is quoted as saying.

A prior conviction in Boone County would not be Orrego-Savala's first criminal conviction in the United States.

ICE spokesperson Nicole Alberico said Tuesday that Orrego-Savala has entered the country illegally three times, was convicted of Driving Under the Influence in California, and has "many other convictions and arrests".

Orrego-Savala is due in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing.

(Photo by RTV6.)

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