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Braun On Bolton's Book: It's Put Fuel on the Fire

The Senate will consider this week whether to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--U.S. senators are likely to consider Friday, whether to allow witnesses in Pres. Trump's impeachment trial. Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) acknowledges that former National Security Advisor John Bolton's book may have an effect the opinions of some senators.

"It really doesn't change anything it terms of the process," said Braun, at a Monday news conference during a break in the trial. "We knew that the discussion of witnesses would be here soon and I think every senator that I know has said they'd cross that bridge when they come to it."

He said he believes the case has been weak, to date, "with the exception of what we heard last night", referring to the preview of Bolton's book, in which he says the president did withhold aid from the Ukraine, to force them to investigate Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

"There was no aid actually delivered. There was a meeting. There was no pressure. There was no investigation," said Braun. "I think the president has already acknowledged that what Bolton is contending in his book promo is not the case."

Braun said he believes the leaked parts of the book may have added fuel to the fire of the discussion about whether witnesses will be allowed.

"I'm not gonna deny it's gonna change the decibel level and the intensity about which we go about talking about witnesses."

But, he still contends that the entire impeachment process was started to malign the president.


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