Buttigieg: "Trump has made it clear he deserves impeachment."


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Buttigieg: "Trump has made it clear he deserves impeachment."

The South Bend Mayor and Democrat presidential candidate talked impeachment on CNN Town Hall Monday night.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend Mayor Pete Buttgieg says President Trump "has made it pretty clear he deserves impeachment."

The Democrat candidate for president said that in a town hall event with Anderson Cooper on CNN last night. But he also said that he will "leave to the House and Senate to figure that out."

Several prominent Democrats in Congress have been stoking the fires of impeachment talks regarding President Trump and accusations against him that he obstructed justice in the Russia investigation. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to pump the brakes on those talks after a conference call with her fellow Democrats Monday.

Though Buttigieg said that impeachment talks are for lawmakers in Congress, he plays a particular role in the matter.

"My role in the process is trying to relegate 'Trumpism' to the dust bin on history," Buttigieg said at the town hall. "To me there is no more decisive way to do that, especially to make Republicans abandon this deal with the devil they've made, than by an absolute thumping at the ballot box."

He added that oversight and accountability are a must when it comes to the presidency, what lawmakers should not lose sight of is talking about the issues that most affect everyday Americans.

"The more we are talking about him (Trump), if we only talk about him, then folks at home don't feel like we're talking about them," Buttigieg continued. "It's hard to look away from horror show, that's just how it is. But, we've got to find a way to change the channel."

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