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Cannabis Oil Bill Passes House, Goes to Holcomb

Legislators emphasize oil used in epilepsy treatment is NOT medical marijuana, or marijuana at all

Patients with certain kinds of epilepsy will have legal access to a cannabis derivative to control their seizures.

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has helped relieve the seizures of some patients who didn't respond to other treatments. Macy Representative Bill Friend says he's taken to calling it the "desperate parents bill," after years of testimony and lobbying from parents who couldn't find any other workable treatment for their children.

Friend and other legislators emphasize cannabidiol is not medical marijuana -- they're both in the cannabis family, but cannabis oil has only a tiny amount of THC, the chemical which gets you high. The bill strictly regulates that percentage, creates a registry of patients authorized to use the oil, and says their medical condition is a legal defense if anyone tries to file charges.

The House unanimously sent the bill to Governor Holcomb, a day after the Senate approved it 36-13. Friend says Holcomb, Attorney General Curtis Hill, state police, and county prosecutors have all sent word they don't oppose the bill. 

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