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Carson Favors A Vote From Congress to Block the National Emergency

Carson said in an interview with CNN that he believes the framers put a check and balance system in place for just such an occasion.

INDIANAPOLIS--Terminating the national emergency declared Friday by Pres. Trump is what Rep. Andre Carson says is the best path to blocking Trump's attempt to go around Congress to get money for a border wall. Carson said he believes Congress should vote to stop it.

"I think in a very real sense the president is missing the mark," said Carson in an interview on CNN this weekend. "He might as well build a 20 ft. statue of himself at the end of this border wall because this is purely a vanity project."

Carson, a Democrat who represents Indianapolis, condemned the national emergency in a statement Friday.

“President Trump’s reckless, unlawful declaration, and his remarks surrounding its announcement, are just the latest demonstration of his disregard for the Constitution and rule of law. His assertions, whether about the threat of dangerous immigrants, the effectiveness of his proposed wall, or the legality of his declaration, have been shown time and time again to have no basis in facts," said Carson.

"He is violating the Constitution and the will of the American people in this ongoing crusade, and it has to stop."

Carson called Trump's action an egregious overreach and vowed to try and stop it.

On CNN, Carson said he believes a resolution from Congress putting an end to the emergency is better than suing.

"The reality is clear that Congress controls the purse strings. With that control we need bi-partisan support. So, it's gonna take Republicans and Democrats to keep the president in check," said Carson. "The founding fathers were very clear about having three separate but equal branches of government to act as a check and balance against the executive branch or one of the other branches."

California has already sued, and New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Oregon, Minnesota and New Mexico are joining the suit.

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