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CBD Oil Can't Be Sold Here Legally, So Your Business Will Get an Education On It

Gov. Holcomb's allowing AG Hill's opinion to guide him on having excise police educate business owners.

STATE HOUSE--If you have a business that sells CBD oil, the State Excise Police may be educating you on the law soon. Gov. Eric Holcomb has decided that during regular spot checks the Excise Police will give businesses time to take it off the shelf, even if they've been selling it for years.

"In our view the existence of these substances, referring to having CBD oil in them, are unlawful and subject to seizure," said Atty. Gen. Curtis Hill at a news conference last week. 

Though Hill has expressed his distaste for the idea of medical marijuana in Indiana several times, he said his personal opinion did not guide his review of the state law on the matter of CBD oil.

CBD is an extraction from the hemp plant and cannot get you high because it only contains trace amounts of THC. Indiana law now allows for some epileptic people to use CBD oil to stop their seizures, under the care of a doctor, and as long as they register with the Indiana Dept. of Health. 


The state legislature is expected to further clarify the law this coming year on the purchase of CBD oil, or cannabidiol.

“Applicable law and opinions guide me to direct the Excise Police to perform normal, periodic regulatory spot checks of CBD oil products, focusing on those products which contain any level of THC," said a statement from Holcomb.

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“Because CBD oil has been sold in Indiana for several years, the excise police will use the next 60 days to educate, inform and issue warnings to retailers so there is a reasonable period of time for them to remove products that contain THC."

“In the meantime, the General Assembly will have the opportunity to review existing CBD oil laws, as well as labeling requirements, while no confiscation of products occurs."

“The legislation I signed in the spring continues to help protect Hoosiers struggling with epilepsy who use CBD oil products for treatment, provided they register with the Indiana State Department of Health," said Holcomb.

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