The Children's Museum Will Be Getting Dinosaur Fossils From The Jurassic Mile


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The Children's Museum Will Be Getting Dinosaur Fossils From The Jurassic Mile

Dozens of scientists have spent months collecting the fossils for Mission Jurassic. More than seven tons of fossils were found.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Dozens of scientists spent the last three months getting a glimpse into 150 million years in the past during Mission Jurassic.

Now, some of their discoveries are making their way to their new home at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. 

“We have a large variety of fossils, including fossilized plants," said Dr. Victoria Egerton, one of the lead scientists on Mission Jurassic. "The different types of plants are used to help us better understand this prehistoric environment and how it has changed through time."

The abundant collection found includes dinosaur fossils from 80-foot-long plant-loving sauropods and predators known as theropods. Coming along with the dinos are thousands of fossils known as Devil's Toenails, dolphin-like creatures with eyes the size of dinner plates called ichthyosaurs, and dinosaur trackways.

All of this was found in a one-square-mile plot of land called the Jurassic Mile, near Cody, Wyoming. The Jurassic Mile is known for its abundance of dinosaur fossils. 

Scientists from the Children's Museum, The University of Manchester, The Naturalis Biodiversity Center, and The Natural History Museum in London uncovered more than seven tons of fossil material, which is being transported to The Children's Museum for preparations. 

Visitors at the museum will be able to view and touch some of the fossils being prepped in the newly expanded Jurassic Paleo Prep Lab within the Dinosphere. The lab is planned to open Sept. 10, so you can also take a step into the past. 

“Using information that has been locked in the sands of time, we are able to reconstruct those last moments of each corner of the site. The Jurassic Mile is giving us amazing insight to the world of the dinosaurs," said Professor Phil Manning on of the lead scientists on Mission Jurassic.

The scientists will be allowed to return to The Jurassic Mile site over the next several years to continue searching for any remaining fossils, because of a 20-year-lease procured by The Children's Museum. 

(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

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