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City-County Council Discussing Future of Confederate Memorial

President Maggie A. Lewis, Council members ask for "spirit of cooperation" and "calm" as city officials ponder the future of Garfield Park monument.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Since the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, Confederate monuments have become a lightning rod of controversy and outcry.

Among them is a memorial that stands in Garfield Park. The memorial commemorates the burial of 1,616 Confederate soldiers who died at Camp Morton, a Union prisoner-of-war camp that once stood in Indianapolis.

On Monday afternoon, City-County Council President Maggie A. Lewis issued the following statement about the memorial and its future in Garfield Park:

For now, the Confederate memorial will remain in Garfield Park. Where it goes--and when it goes--from there, is uncertain.

(Photo by C.J. Miller/WIBC.)

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