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Colts Win, Stay on the Field for National Anthem

Three Seattle Seahawks left for the tunnel before the anthem began.

SEATTLE--The Indianapolis Colts won their pre-season opener against the Seattle Seahawks 19-17 Thursday. 

Three members of the Seahawks left the field during the national anthem.

Kicker Adam Vinatieri kicked two field goals in the first half, one of them for 51 yards, to secure the lead. Quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Phillip Walker played the second half of the game. 

“Obviously it was good. Here’s why it was good. We talk about toughness or relentless pursuit to get better, an obsession to finish. I think we got better in a lot ways. I’m really happy with the way we finished. We talked about whether it’s a individual period or practice, in preseason, you want to finish. We play to win, so it’s good to win the game," said Head Coach Frank Reich.

"I thought defensively, the first unit came up with big plays. There were times where (Seattle) moved the ball. Russell is a top notch quarterback, that is going to happen. Teams are going to make first downs but I thought our defense responded well. I thought they got after the passer really well. John Simon flashed. Ridgeway flashed, so there was some good play there."

Reich talked about Luck's performance.

"Offensively obviously, Andrew (Luck) looked good. That’s exactly what we were hoping to get in terms of him finding a rhythm and moving the ball. Obviously we want to finish in the end zone, have to finish in the end zone but that was a good start there."

The Colts play the Baltimore Ravens Monday, Aug. 20, 8 p.m., in the next pre-season game.

PHOTO: Getty Images/Thomas Henderson

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