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"Comply Now, Complain Later": Police Union Intros Educational Campaign

The president of the Fraternal Order of Police of Indy says citizens have to know their role to stay safe during interactions with police.

INDIANAPOLIS--The two police officers who shot and killed Aaron Bailey in the capital city last year weren't fired, and that's a good thing, says Rick Syder, president of the police union. Now he says it's time to prevent more shootings like it by educating people.

Comply now, complain later

"Our overall theme for these various collaborative discussions and educational opportunities, must focus on the mantra of comply now, complain later," said Rick Snyder, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, of Indianapolis, at a Wednesday news conference.

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"The FOP is launching a public education and prevention awareness campaign that will focus on developing tangible video, audio and lesson plans to better educate the public to ensure the safety of everyone during police and citizen interaction," he said.

The do's and don'ts

Snyder said people should understand do's and don'ts when they interact with police.

"Our police officers are human and they have legitimate safety concerns."

Snyder said the FOP will work with local leaders, educators, Civil Rights leaders and pastors to develop educational materials, and will contribute $25,000 to fund the effort.

School House Rock: From a campaign to a bill

Snyder said the FOP would also help introduce a bill in the General Assembly next year "requiring the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to incorporate such training and testing on safe practices during encounters with law enforcement on traffic stops, vehicle crashes, high-risk interventions and active incidents."

Snyder said the objective is to ensure a proper understanding of the role of citizens in police engagement "to ensure everyone departs the encounter safely."

Snyder said the union also calls on schools to put the safety training in their lesson plans, and for ministers to teach compliance from the pulpit.

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