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The Cost of Overhauling Indy's Broken, Battered Streets: Nearly $1B

Indy's streets are broken, crumbling, pockmarked things, and they're not going to get much better any time soon.

INDIANAPOLIS --  The streets of Indianapolis are broken, crumbling, pockmarked things that are ravaged by decades of neglect and weakened by aging infrastructure.

And, there may be little relief in sight. 

A new city analysis says the cost of upgrading Indy's 8,100 miles of street lanes would cost a "staggering" $732 million, according to IndyStar. 

Such a project, even if it were affordable, would only improve Indy's roads from "poor" to "fair", the Department of Public Works told IndyStar. 

DPW estimates that it would cost $178 million annually to keep the streets in "fair" condition. That's double the annual amount the city sets aside for all street, sidewalk, and bridge projects. 

Without some kind of major windfall, the much-needed repairs won't happen.

Without the repairs, Indy's streets will continue to crumble.

"The city is always behind, there is not enough revenue to cover our needs,’"  Zach Adamson, a member of City-County Council’s Public Works Committee told IndyStar. “We are painfully aware of the roads we drive on and spend every nickel possible on them, but obviously that’s not adequate.”

IndyStar says city leaders are discussing different ways to fund some of the repairs and are working on longer-term solutions.

For now, the only thing drivers can do is try and get used to the potholes, bumpy streets and crumbling shoulders--they're not going anywhere any time soon.

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