Court Docs: Forestal Flashed Firefighter's Badge, Asked About Drugs


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Court Docs: Forestal Flashed Firefighter's Badge, Asked About Drugs

State Rep. Dan Forestal told an Indy couple he was a "legit officer doing a drug bust" and asked where drug dealers lived, court docs say.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Marion County Prosecutor's Office filed charges Wednesday against State Rep. Daniel Forestal (D-Indianapolis), who was arrested Saturday for impersonating a police officer, resisting arrest, and operating while intoxicated.

Indy Metro Police stopped Forestal just before midnight near E. 21st Street and N. Shadeland Avenue because his car matched the description of one used by a possible police impersonator.

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Forestal ignored or refused the officers' commands and placed his hands near his lap as an officer approached, court documents said. When the officers tried to remove Forestal from his car, he held onto the steering wheel, according to police.

Forestal was overpowered by officers, placed on the ground, and put in handcuffs.

Once handcuffed, Forestal told the officers he was going to sue them for "violating his civil rights" and warned that he would "have" their badges.

Court documents say before his arrest, Forestal approached a couple in their yard, flashed his Indianapolis firefighters' badge and said, "I'm a legit officer doing a drug bust and today is the last day before the Feds descend and start kicking in doors."

Forestal then asked the couple to tell him where the "people selling drugs" lived.

Customers at the Blue Moon Tavern told police they also encountered Forestal on Saturday. Bar patrons said Forestal identified himself as an Indy firefighter and asked where he could purchase "party favors" including cocaine.

Forestal was charged Wednesday with impersonating a public servant, a felony, as well as resisting arrest and operating while intoxicated.

Click here to read the Probable Cause Affidavit filed by IMPD.

(Photo provided by Indy Metro Police.)

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