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Court Ruling Reopens Debate Over Sports Betting in Indiana

Study committee will vote next week on whether to recommend legislators allow casinos to take bets on games

(INDIANAPOLIS) - You might get your chance to bet on the Colts -- or against them:

A legislative study committee will discuss next week whether to take advantage of a Supreme Court ruling legalizing sports betting. Six states have opened sports books in the five months since the ruling -- two more will start next month. Nevada already had sports wagering -- the state was exempted from the federal ban the Court struck down.

A legislative study committee plans to hear testimony for and against the idea next week, then vote on whether to recommend legalization. Study committee recommendations are nonbinding, but Auburn Representative Ben Smaltz chairs both the study panel and the House Public Policy Committee, which typically handles gambling bills. Smaltz says he's keeping an open mind until next week's hearing.

A Senate committee considered a sports betting bill this year and rejected it. The Supreme Court ruling came two months after the legislature adjourned.

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