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Crocodile Found, Captured in Hancock Co.

State conservation officers discovered the 3-foot-long reptile on Monday after receiving multiple calls about "an alligator".

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. -- Indiana has plenty of turtles and snakes, but the animal found Monday in Hancock County was a reptile of a different kind.

State conservation officers captured a three-foot-long crocodile that had been reported in the area of Brandywine Creek.

State law allows you to own a crocodilian -- an alligator, crocodile, caiman, gaival -- less than five feet long without a permit, and the Indiana DNR believes someone bought the crocodile as a pet and released it when caring for it became too difficult.

"Crocodilians are generally purchased by people who are interested in caring for an exotic and exciting pet, but they soon realize that proper care is difficult and expensive," said Indiana DNR Capt. Bill Browne. "The focus now will be to determine who may have released it, and make sure they do not have any other wild animals that might be released."

If you lost your crocodile -- or you know someone who did -- call 1-800-TIP-IDNR tip line. Callers can remain anonymous.

(Photo by underworld111/Thinkstock.)

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