Cummins Announces $30M Expansions in Greenwood, Columbus


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Cummins Announces $30M Expansions in Greenwood, Columbus

New IT hub in Johnson Cuonty will house 500 workers

(INDIANAPOLIS) - A triple expansion for Cummins.

The Columbus-based engine manufacturer is pouring $33 million into the retooling of its plant there to accommodate its new electric and hybrid division. Ramping up that portion of the business will create 75 new jobs. 

The company will spend a similar amount of money to build a brand-new office building in Greenwood and consolidate its digital and IT operations there. CEO Tom Linebarger says that's 500 workers with six-figure salaries who now are scattered across locations in Columbus, Seymour and Indianapolis. The company wanted to bring them under one roof, and Linebarger says in studying where to put that building, the company realized its current locations have created a "Cummins corridor" along I-65, with many workers living in the middle and commuting north or south.

Cummins will also expand its Indianapolis offices to support the company's global expansion, though the number of new jobs hasn't been determined.

Linebarger has warned of Cummins belt-tightening due to the trade war with China. He says he still expects the tariff battle to cost the company $160 million. But he says electric powertrains and digital tech will be at the heart of the company's future.

The Columbus expansion is expected to be complete next year, with the Greenwood office opening in 2022.

Artist's rendering of Cummins' new Greenwood office (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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