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Delaware County Commission Votes to Oppose Mounds Lake Resevoir

The Delaware County Commissioners voted unanimously on Monday afternoon to formally oppose the Mounds Lake Reservoir Proposal. They join the County Council in their opposition of the reservoir and hope that the message resonates with the remaining towns and city that have yet to take a formal stance. Yorktown, Chesterfield, Daleville, and the city of Anderson have yet to vote on a proposal that would create a Mounds Lake Commission to further explore the possibility to damming off the White River to create the reservoir.

Delaware County Councilman Mike Jones is a fervent opponent of the idea and has been in discussion with other county officials about the impact a reservoir would have on local infrastructure, the eco-system, and Mounds Lake State Park. He says clear votes in opposition from both the county council and county commissioners sends a very clear message how they and their constituents feel.

Proponents of the measure say the reservoir would provide a needed water source for future demand and create new commerce opportunities along the water front. 

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