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Demands for Compassion, Accountability at Hoosier Immigration Rallies

Different groups are holding protests against the Trump administration's border policy, despite the executive order.

RTV6 contributed to this story.

COLUMBUS, Ind.--Rallies to support immigrant families at the border are happening in several places in Indiana. One of those rallies called "Rally for Refugees" was held in Columbus Wednesday, while another is expected this evening in Logansport.

"I am a mother. I am a grandmother. I am an elementary school teacher and I am a human being," said Kari Tyree, organizer of the event in Columbus. "I believe these children and these families are being treated less than human."

She said she believes the situation on the border is child abuse and torture.

Rev. Felipe Martinez, of First Presbyterian Church, said he believes Vice-Pres. Pence should be held accountable with questions.

"Where is his compassion in the sight of this terrible tragedy that is self-created by this administration?" he asked. "These are folks who are fleeing terror and are fleeing violence and they are looking to the United States as a beacon of hope."

The protesters were given a sheet with numbers to their representatives and a script to ask that Congress help solve the problem. Congress plans to do that, with much disagreement over what the problems are and how to go about it. 

A rally by a group called #AmericanValues is set for 6 this evening in Logansport. The group said in a news release that they plan to rally in support of immigrants and their families at the border and that their purpose is to hold the Trump administration accountable in Cass County, where Trump got 68 percent of the vote. 

The organizers said they have had opposition to the rally.


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