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DePauw Takes New Action in Wake of Racists Messages and Protests

The administration released a new letter detailing change.

GREENCASTLE, Ind--Steps are being taken at DePauw University to address recent racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic messages that appeared on campus.

DePauw administrators released a community action letter that lays out 10 steps the university will take.

The letter starts off by saying: 

"Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Since we are committed to a liberal arts education, DePauw must foster and prepare active participants in a diverse democracy and global world. We write to speak to the work needed to address the conditions that are negatively impacting our community and student experience. The following update summarizes the most immediate actions and their timelines. We invite further dialogue with all students, faculty, and staff who wish to counter systemic oppression and contribute to safety on campus, and the well-being of our community."

The steps are then listed as 

  • Dedicated spaces 
  • Anti-Bias Training
  • DePauw Dialogue
  • Student Representation on Faculty Committees 
  • A University Protest Policy
  • Review of Diversity and Inclusion Structures
  • Religious Indentities
  • Strategic Sessions with Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Bias Incident Reports 
  • Counseling Staff 

The letter is then concluded by saying that those steps will be added to the five-year Campus Inclusion Plan. They also welcome dialogue and input. 

The full letter is 3 pages long. You can read it in its entirety right here:

Racist messages have been found on and near the campus. 

Last week, a hateful message was found written in a bathroom at the university. The message, which read " All ******* must die -KKK," was written on a bathroom wall of the Inn at DePauw, a public building on campus.

Another anti-Semitic and homophobic message were also found in a restroom.

Someone also wrote a slur in rocks at the DePauw Nature Park. 



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