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Donnelly Bill Would Punish Companies For Sending American Jobs To Other Countries

Senator Donnelly says the proposal would make it harder for companies who ship jobs overseas to win federal contracts.

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana) (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly (D) is proposing penalties for businesses who ship jobs to Mexico.

Donnelly says companies which outsource jobs to foreign countries could still bid for federal contracts under his proposed bill, but their score would be docked when those bids are compared.  The bill he plans to introduce later this month would also block tax breaks for overseas moving expenses, and offer tax incentives to bring jobs into the United States.

The penalty is just 10-percent, not the outright ban on federal contracts suggested by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), but Donnelly says it should be enough to get companies' attention.  He says companies shouldn't be allowed to put people out of work, then turn around and pocket their tax dollars for contracts other companies could fulfill just as effectively.

Donnelly says he's open to other approaches, including President-elect Trump's threat of a large tariff on goods being shipped back into the United States.  The Democratic senator met this week with Vice President-elect Pence and says the former Indiana governor assured him Trump is passionate about keeping American jobs.  But Donnelly says Pence didn't give any indication of how the incoming administration will view his legislation.



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