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Donnelly Urges Support For Doug Jones In Alabama Senate Race

The Indiana Democrat has asked his supporters to donate to the campaign of Doug Jones in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore

INDIANAPOLIS -- Senator Joe Donnelly is helping with fundraising for the opponent of Senate candidate and Alabama Judge Roy Moore. 

The Indiana Democrat has emailed his supporters asking them to donate to the campaign of Doug Jones, Roy Moore's Democratic opponent in the Alabama Senate race. This after Moore reacted to a Washington Post article accusing the former judge of having a sexual encounter with at least five teenagers in the 1970's. 

Many Republicans, including Indiana's Todd Young, are calling for Moore to step aside from the election. Young said on Twitter yesterday that if Moore does not withdraw from the race and is elected to Alabama's open Senate seat, the Senate should take steps to protect its integrity, likely meaning a vote for expulsion.

The last time a Senator was expelled from Congress was back in 1862. That Senator was Democrat Jesse Bright of Indiana, who was the final of fourteen Senators expelled that year for their support of the Confederacy.

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