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Donnelly: U.S. Can Toughen Border Security Without Separating Families

All Senate Democrats are co-sponsoring bill to force administration to end new policy

(INDIANAPOLIS) -  Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly says the U-S can secure its border without tearing children away from their parents.

Donnelly has joined all Senate Democrats in co-sponsoring a bill which would end the Trump administration's new policy of taking children away from parents who try to cross the border. He says he supports stepped-up border security, but says that can be accomplished without a step he says inflicts unnecessary pain on families. He says any parent should be able to imagine the feeling of not knowing where your children have been taken, and when, or whether, you'll see them again. And he notes that contrary to what President Trump has said, the law doesn't require it. 

The Department of Homeland Security has maintained some of adults aren't the kids' parents, but are using them as a shield against being deported. Donnelly says that can be sorted out without separating them.

On Monday, West Virginia's Joe Manchin became the last Democrat to sign on to the bill introduced by California's Dianne Feinstein. So far, no Republicans have joined them.

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