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Drowning in Indiana Happens Most Often on Private Property

Capt. Bill Brown, with the DNR, says farm ponds can be dangerous because people who come over aren't used to the water.

STATE WIDE--A person can drown in any body of water. But, a new report from the Dept. of Natural Resources says most people who drown in Indiana, die on private property.

"We're finding that farm ponds, people who own farm ponds are actually experiencing 23 percent of our drownings, which is the highest," said Capt. Bill Brown, with the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resouces Law Enforcement Division.

"The people who own farm ponds who are working around them on a constant day to day basis, they have become accustomed to that being in their back yard, or close by. So, it's not something they feel like they need to be concerned with because it's always there."

But, then they have friends over or have a barbeque.

"Then they have people that are not used to that. A small child falls in and then they've got trouble," said Brown, a guest on Indiana Outdoors.

Brown said he believes everyone should read the 2017 drowning Prevention Report, prepared by the  DNR, Homeland Security, the Dept. of Child Services, the state Health Dept. and several other law enforcement agencies around the state.

"If you've prepared wisely and you've read this prevention report and you understand the risks, then you'll have everybody wearing a life jacket whenever they get so close, whenever you have visitors over," he said.

Brown said if you have a body of water on your land, you should have something you can use for a rescue.

"Because 98 percent of those people who are recovered, were recovered by the citizen or the landowner."

Brown said you should have a pole, or a throwable device or life jacket nearby that you can throw to someone who gets in trouble.


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