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Exit Stage Left: Rokita Leaves Firing Shots, Messer Is Conciliatory

Both Congressmen concede to Mike Braun and prepare to be part of the swamp drainage.

STATE WIDE--Defeat came tough for Rep. Todd Rokita. He gave a concession speech at Brickyard Crossing at what he had planned as a victory dinner. He and Rep. Luke Messer were beaten by former state representative and Jasper businessman Mike Braun.

Vanquished but still rather ravenous

Rokita sent a couple of shots Braun's way during his concession speech.

"Not every fight is fair. Not every candidate can stroke a personal $6 million check. But, that's life," said Rokita. "I hope he (Braun) will rise to the occasion and truly fight for this state. I know he has it in him, and not just wage an expensive media campaign to buy a Senate seat, only to keep Washington at the status quo. We can't afford it."

Rokita said he will endeavor to continue to try and serve Indiana in whatever capacity he is able. He also said he believes Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly's defeat in the general election is necessary.

Kindly conceding

Rep. Luke Messer seemed more cordial, and did not send out any shots in his speech.

"Do not be discouraged by today. This is an amazing country and there is no doubt in my mind that somebody in this room is going to be a congressman or U.S. senator," he said. "I want you to know how incredibly blessed and humbled I am to have you supporting me."

Messer said he believes his 20 years of public service has been an honor.

"Of course we're disappointed by the result tonight. But, I wouldn't take any of it back. It's been an extraordinary opportunity."

Neither man granted any one on one interviews with the media after their speeches.

PHOTO: CJ Miller/Emmis

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