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Faster Than the Speed of Sound: Pence Talks New USAF Tech

The AFWERX office opened up nin Vegas and promises new and better military technology.

LAS VEGAS--Showing support for the military has been a trademark of former Indiana governor and Vice-President Mike Pence over the past year. Thursday he went to the grand opening of the first AFWERX, near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and talked to Air Force members at Nellis Air Force Base.

Pres. Trump supports you

AFWERX is a place for people with ideas about new technology, including students and professors, to share those ideas with members of the military. It's an idea and development bank.

His message to the military members: Pres. Donald Trump supports you.

"Last year alone the president signed the largest increase in military spending in nearly ten years," said Pence. "And just a few weeks ago, Pres. Trump signed legislation that will provide for one of the largest increases in military spending in history."

All about the AFWERX

Pence's message to people at AFWERX: The military is a great place for ideas to be collected and turned into new innovations.

"The innovations unleashed here at AFWERX Vegas, we know will enable us to continue to accomplish a mission based on creativity, inn ovation and investment. AFWERX will be an incubator for new ideas, a catalyst for new technologies and a reservoir for new solutions to overcome our most complex security challenges."

The AFWERX program was created to facilitate the integration and implementation of creative and disruptive technology to ensure today’s Airmen maintain the capability advantage over tomorrow’s adversary, said a news release from the Air Force.

“Airmen are the ones closest to the problems, the people at the tip of the spear, who understand the problems, who understand the enemy, and have the ideas to make us more lethal,” said Capt. Steven Lauver, AFWERX Air Force Technology Accelerator co-director. 

“It all exists with the people who are there solving the problems on the battlefield. Innovation is important because we are taking the people who understand our problems and enabling them to solve them.”

Private industries are moving exponentially faster than the Defense Department in autonomous technology. Recruiting innovative solutions from these outside resources requires the Air Force to take a chance before the technology becomes obsolete, Lauver said.

Courage and ingenuity

Pence echoed Lauver's confidence in the program and the Air Force.

"The courage and the ingenuity of those who serve in an innovative spirit of the American people, it's that combination which has made the armed forces of the United States the envy of the world," he said.

He said innovation is deeply ingrained in the heritage of the Air Force. The USAF put the first satellite into orbit, broke the sound barrier (Chuck Yeager), and developed jet propulsion and automated air defense technologies.


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