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Fewer Meth Labs in the State, People Still Buying It, Though

State rep. says people go for the lowest cost drugs that will get them high

Darrin Wright of WOWO Ft. Wayne contributed to this article.

AUBURN, Ind.--The Indiana State Police reports a 58 percent drop in meth lab incidents so far this year, with the number of children removed from meth lab environments also down nearly 68 percent, from 108 cases in the same time period in 2016 to just 35 this year. State Representative Ben Smaltz of Auburn says the fight's not over.

"In 2015 184 little kids got pulled out of some of the most awful living conditions in these meth lab homes. Year to date, we're at 35. Thirty-five is still way too many, but that's a great reduction," said Smaltz.

Smaltz said people who want drugs will go after the best high for the lowest cost.

"I think it's all cost when it comes down to it. An addict's gonna go what makes them high at the lowest cost. Heroin comes in at a low cost. Prescription drug abuse, we have spice. Still, meth is around. We have a host of drugs available to these people."

Smaltz sponsored a 2016 law that made it more difficult to buy large amounts of pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in making meth. 

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