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Fire Wrecks Boat Storage Facility and 75 Boats on the South Side

Facility for Just Add Water is burned after midnight fire.

INDIANAPOLIS--A fire wrecked a boat storage facility at Just Add Water on Bethel Ave., near Raymond St. and Sherman Dr. on the south side of Indianapolis, Monday. 

The first 911 calls came in just before midnight on Sunday, Tweeted the Indianapolis Fire Dept. When firefighters got there, walls collapsed, causing firefighters to fight the fire defensively.

It took 75 firefighters about two hours to get the fire under control.

"The boats, made primarily of fiberglass, contained a lot of fuel, oil and magnesium which made extinguishment of the fire more complex than normal.  Water intensified the burning magnesium and spread the burning liquids.  During suppression operations the decision was made to utilize Cold Fire to help with extinguishment," said a news release from IFD. 

"Cold Fire is a product mixed with water that when used has 6 times the penetrating capability of water alone and the tremendous ability to absorb heat - which brings the fuel below it’s flash point very quickly. It’s use leaves a suppressive foam coating on the combustible material that won’t allow the fire to re-ignite. The IFD used about 16 - 5 gallon buckets of Cold Fire to extinguish the small but intense spot fires that continued to flare."

About 75 boats were destroyed, and damage was estimated at about $1.5 million. 

Fire investigators have not discussed what they think may have caused the fire.


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