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Firearms Discouraged, NOT Prohibited At Circle Of Lights

IMPD and Downtown Indy, Inc. say no one can legally prohibit you from legally carrying a gun in downtown Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS -- There seems to be some confusion about "prohibitied items" at the Circle Of Lights. 

Many reports say that firearms and weapons are being prohibited from the tree lighting event in Downtown Indy. While, Indianapolis Metro Police are only discouraging the carrying of firearms at the Circle of Lights, IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams says that no one can legally tell you you can't legally carry in a public place such as Monument Circle. 

Mayor Joe Hogsett's office confirms this as well, saying that any directive to prohibit items at the Circle of Lights comes from Downtown Indy Inc. and not the Mayor's office or IMPD.

Prohibited Items at the event include:

- Pop-up tents
- Chairs
- Coolers
- Bicycles
- Animals (service animals are permitted)

Downtown Indy, Inc. reached out to 93 WIBC as well to offer further clarification. Like IMPD, they say they are NOT prohibiting firearms at the Circle of Lights. They do discourage you from carrying to help ensure the safetly of everyone attending the event.


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