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Former IMPD Officer David Bisard Could Be Released From Prison This Summer

Bisard is eligible for early release after serving three years of a 13-year sentence for a drunk driving death while on the job.

Photo: RTV6 / Scripps Media, Inc.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Former IMPD officer David Brisard who was convicted in the drunk driving death of a man during a crash more than seven years ago, could be out of prison as early as this summer.

According to our news-gathering partners at RTV6, Bisard has served only three years of a 13-year sentence after being convicted in Nov. 2013.

A jury found Bisard guilty of Operating a Motor Vehicle with a BAC of 0.15 or Higher Causing Death while responding to a call in his patrol car in Aug. 2010. Investigators say Bisard crashed into a motorcycle on the city’s eastside at 56th Street and Brendon Way South Drive.  That crash killed Eric Wells and injured Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills.   

The news came as a surprise to Eric Wells' mother Mary Wells, who is urging people to write to the court opposing Bisard's early release.

With "good time" credit, Wells' family thought the earliest Bisard could be released was 2019.

However, in addition to credit for good behavior, the Indiana Department of Correction says Bisard has received a year's credit off his sentence for receiving an associate's degree while behind bars, 183 days' credit for pursuing vocational education and 90 days' credit for completing a substance abuse program.

According to the IDOC, his original estimated release date was April 29, 2018. Now, with all of the credit he's earned, he's projected to be released June 6 of this year.

Wells also learned that Bisard will be eligible for IDOC's Community Transition Program as early as February 25. If approved, that could mean Bisard would be released before June to a work release, home detention or day reporting program.

Wells says even his initial 13-year sentence wasn't enough, in her opinion.

"My family was given a life sentence," she said. "It will never end for us. We will always have a place in our hearts gone."

The Allen County Superior Court where Bisard was sentenced is accepting letters as it considers whether to approve Bisard for release into the Community Transition Program. Those who would like to submit letters should do so to the following address:

Allen Superior Court 06 (D06)
715 S. Calhoun Street, #302
Fort Wayne, IN  46802

Case number: 02D06-1302-FB-32

All letters submitted to the court in reference to this case must be received before Friday, Jan 20.

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