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Four Women File Lawsuit Against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill

The women's attorneys say each of them have faced retaliation and other unlawful employment actions as a result of the incident back in March of 2018.

INDIANAPOLIS--The four women who accuse Attorney General Curtis Hill of groping have sued Hill and the state of Indiana in federal court.

Three legislative staffers from both parties and Munster Representative Mara Candelaria-Reardon (D) charge Hill violated their civil rights with sexually-charged touching at a post-adjournment party last March. They're also suing Hill for defamation and invasion of privacy for a series of Twitter and Facebook ads calling their accusations "vicious and false." 

Although they don't work for Hill, the women say the fallout from their accusations has created a hostile work environment, with behind-the-scenes grumbling about the cancellation of the traditional end-of-session party this year. They argue that amounts to prohibited retaliation for their accusations which has damaged their career prospects. 

The lawsuit demands an apology along with damages. And the women are seeking a court order to the state to craft a sexual harassment policy which doesn't leave out elected officials like Hill, and which guarantees an independent outside investigation of harassment accusations. The House and Senate each approved new harassment policies this year, the first time there's been such a policy covering the legislature. But Candelaria-Reardon says the policy still funnels all accusations through the House and Senate Ethics Committees and legislative leaders. 

A special prosecutor declared he found the groping allegations "credible" but declined to file criminal charges. Hill still faces a Supreme Court disciplinary hearing this fall.

The lawsuit has been assigned to Judge James Sweeney.

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