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Gas May Be Going Up, Warns GasBuddy

Oil prices have gone up and that means you may need to fill up soon.

INDIANAPOLIS—Gas prices in Indiana may be going up this week, after falling for several weeks.

GasBuddy oil analyst Patrick DeHaan said in a Tweet Sunday that “due to a bounce in wholesale prices and oil last week and plunging retail prices, I'm nearly 100% sure we'll see a hike this week.”

Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, “Great Lakes states”, were included in DeHaan’s warning.

Gas prices were down 10 cents over the past week in Indianapolis, at $2.35, on average. In Ft. Wayne, gas was down 11 cents, at $2.42. 

Indiana’s average is down 8 cents over the past week, at $2.45.


PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis

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