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Government Shutdown: Who Indiana Reps Are Blaming

Believe it or not, Republicans are blaming Democrats and vice-versa.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--You wouldn't be able to go to Lakeshore National Park or any other national park, and the military wouldn't get paid if the government shuts down. Two Indiana Republicans are blaming Senate Democrats for that possibility.

"What they want is a solution to the DACA problem that doesn't include some of the things the president and House Republicans and Senate Republicans have talked about," said Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-Taylorville, 8th Dist.). "That includes border security, internal enforcement and changes to our immigration system."

Senate Democrats have balked at passing funding for the government, until Republicans concede and make a solution for "Dreamers", or people who are here because their parents came here illegally, a priority.

Congressman Jim Banks (Ft. Wayne, 3rd Dist.), said that has nothing to do with funding the federal government.

"Democrats are preparing for the November elections and using situations like these to try to help themselves to help their stature in the upcoming election," he said.

Banks and Bucshon both say Republicans, especially in the House, have done their jobs in passing funding to keep the government running. Now it's up to nine Democrat Senators to vote with Republicans if a government shutdown is to be avoided today.

“Americans deserve better than simply keeping our government open a few weeks at a time," said Rep. Andre Carson (D-Indianapolis, 7th Dost.). "They deserve a fully funded, operational government that keeps us safe, helps communities thrive, and supports families as they build better lives. I’ll stand with my Republican colleagues when they put forward a moral, compassionate bill that takes our country off autopilot and starts to move our country forward.”

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