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Gun Permit Fee Repeal Passes House 71-20

Opponents include some gun-rights advocates who oppose any permit requirement

(INDIANAPOLIS) - The bill repealing the fee for lifetime gun permits has passed the Indiana House.

The bill gives gun owners two options. If they pay 10 bucks for a five-year permit, they don't have to undergo background checks every time they buy a gun -- only when they renew the permit. The lifetime permit would cost nothing, but you'd undergo a check at every purchase. 

The 20 no votes included four Republicans. Seymour Representative Jim Lucas, the legislature's most vocal gun rights advocate, argues any permit requirement violates the constitutional right to bear arms. Indianapolis Democrat Ed DeLaney responds the constitution also guarantees access to the courts, but no one's arguing filing fees are unconstitutional.

A lifetime permit currently costs 40 dollars.

The Senate will consider the bill later this month.

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