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Helping Dyslexic Children: Lawmakers Want Help for Teachers

One in five kids has dyslexia. Identifying them early could help them avoid years of hardship in school.

STATE HOUSE--One in five people in the U.S. have dyslexia. If you have it, it means you learn differently. The Indiana general assembly is considering a bill that would make it easier to identify dyslexia early, so kids don't have to spend years with learning difficulties.

"This goes into having somebody certified at each school system that is professionally trained to identify and refer them," said state Rep. Woody Burton (R). Burton authored a bill in 2015 that helped provide resources to help ID students who may have dyslexia.

LINK: Senate Bill 217

“Unfortunately, for many students with dyslexia, they feel they are not as smart as their classmates,” said Burton. 

“In 2015, I met a young girl, Erin, and she told me before she found out she had dyslexia, she cried every night because she thought she wasn’t smart. Now she knows she just learns differently. That’s why this legislation is so important.”

He said the state is doing "baby steps" with the bills.

"What's best for the kids. What gives them the best opportunity to learn and be successful in life," said Burton.

PHOTO: State House/Samantha Holifield

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