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Holcomb Expects to Seek Second Pre-K Expansion in 2019

Governor: Strong early start is first step toward stronger workforce development

(INDIANAPOLIS) - Indiana just expanded state-funded preschool to 10 counties. Governor Holcomb is already planning to expand it again.

Holcomb says he expects to ask legislators to further expand preschool in 2019, when the state writes its next two-year budget. He says getting kids' education off to a strong start is part of building a strong workforce.

Holcomb says Indiana has a shortage of skilled workers that's only going to get worse as more baby boomers retire. He says more than a million working-age Hoosiers don't have a degree -- a third of those didn't graduate high school.

The governor has said his agenda for next year's legislative session will include a streamlining of Indiana's job training programs. He told a Leadership Indianapolis conference there needs to be a focus on getting kids excited about science and technology at an early age.

And Holcomb says the program needs to be flexible, focusing on employers and future workers rather than the jobs themselves. He says one analysis projects that 60-percent of the jobs when today's kindergarteners become adults are jobs which don't even exist today.

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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