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House In Greenwood Can Be Yours For "Free"...But With A Catch

If you can pay to have the house picked up and moved to a new location, it is yours for the taking according to Jennifer Hollingshead with Restore Old Town Greenwood.

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- A house in Greenwood can be yours for free.


But, there's a catch.


The house at 271 E. Main Street has to be moved by the end of September, or it will be gone forever.


"The city has planned to demolish it this month, and I approached them and said, can we put it out there that it's free instead of tearing it down," says Jennifer Hollingshead, the founder and president of Restore Old Town Greenwood.


"I don't know if someone will want it.  It's not in the best shape, but it's worth a try," says Hollingshead, who believes the house may have been built in the 1910's, but there is no definitive record on file with the city.


The City of Greenwood had purchased the home and planned to destroy it because it sits on a flood plane near a creek.  The city will replace the house with greenspace and will not allow another home or business to build on that property.


Hollingshead says she has been working with Mayor Mark Myers and the City of Greenwood to save the area's historic buildings.


"We're just trying to work together to prevent something from being thrown in the garage, and that's a whole house," says Hollingshead with a chuckle, who says if you are interested, you can contact her at  You may also contact Chris Jones, The Stormwater Management director for Greenwood, at 317-883-8077.


"We would love it if someone would step forward and be willing to take on a big fixer-upper," says Hollingshead.


Photo: Provided by Jennifer Hollingshead / Restore Old Town Greenwood

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