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IMPD Officers Directed to Use Alternatives to Arrest When Possible Over the Weekend

Directive came in order to assist Marion County's switch to new case management system

If a person in Marion County was caught committing a minor offense this past weekend, that person may not have been arrested.

IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey says officers were directed to, if possible, use alternatives to arrest when it came to minor offenses over the weekend.  That's because Marion County was switching from the old Justice Case Management System to the statewide Odyssey Case Management System and they didn't want to hinder that switch with more arrests.

"They had to transfer, what I'm being told, over a million records from Justice into Odyssey this past weekend and we were trying to do our part not to bog that down," Bailey says.

Bailey says officers always have the option to use discretion on alternatives to arrest for misdemeanors or even minor felony offenses such as shoplifting.  For example, if someone is caught driving with a suspended license, that person could receive a summons to appear in traffic court and have their car towed rather than going through the Adult Processing Center which could take eight to twelve hours.

Bailey says officers first have to take into account whether a person will commit a crime again if they aren't arrested.  He said in the case of a DUI, arrest would be the only option because simply issuing a summons would put that person and the public in more danger.

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