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IMS Optimistic For Brickyard Attendance With Colts Home Opener On The Same Day

IMS President Doug Boles says the planned for this in moving the race to September, and have been in contact with the Colts.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indianapolis Colts home opener will fall on September 9th, coincidentally the same day as the Brickyard 400. 

Last year, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and NASCAR announced that with lagging attendance numbers they were going to move the Brickyard to September.

"We felt we needed to make a drastic change in order to try and turn things around," said IMS President Doug Boles. "The opportunity to be the last regular season race before The Chase made sense for us. The other one was getting it out of the middle of the summer which is so hot for our fans."

With the Brickyard struggling to draw race fans to come watch it, some have said that the coincidence of the Colts home opener and race day falling on the same day will hurt the Brickyard even more attendance-wise. However, Boles is optimistic to the contrary. 

"Obviously when he made the decision to move the race to September, we knew that it was going to be NFL's opening weekend and maybe end up on the same day as the Colts," Boles said. 

"We had a conversation with the Colts early on saying this was what we’re going to do, even before we made the announcement. Together we both just continued to stay in touch and agreed that as we promote, especially when they're home, that we promote in a way that won't hurt each other." 

Boles doesn't believe the Colts game will have any effect on the turn out. He adds the move to September allows them more time to promote the Brickyard in the wake of the Indianapolis 500. 

Boles says one thing that will help is for the first time ever they will be able to promote the Brickyard at the Indiana State Fair from start to finish. 

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