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Indiana College Student Stabbed While While Helping the Homeless

The St. Mary's College student was on a nursing mission at a South Bend church when she was attacked.

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--A St. Mary's College student was stabbed while helping at Broadway Christian Church in South Bend. She is in the hospital and police say the man who stabbed her is in custody.

A letter from the college said the stabbing happened about 10 a.m., as the student was helping homeless people get medical treatment as part of a community nursing program operated by the college. 

"According to witnesses, Dwayne F. Newsom, 43, suddenly attacked the female victim," said a news release from South Bend police. "Officers first on scene tended to the victim and cared for her prior to the arrival of medics. Doctors at the hospital said the injury was potentially life-threatening and credit the quick actions of officers, medics and medical staff with saving the victim’s life."

"Newsom was captured by other responding officers thanks to two witnesses, and officers were also able to recover the probable weapon used in the stabbing."

Police did not say what relationship, if any, Newsome had to the student, or what the motive for the attack may have been.

"Many of our students serve at a variety of community organizations planned to meet health needs for individuals and the community as aligned with the mission of the College," read the letter from St. Mary's. "The safety of our students is our highest priority."

PHOTO: South Bend PD

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