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Indiana Dad Delivers Baby Outside Indy Hospital

Nikul Patel was driving his wife, Hermita, to the hospital when their son decided he was ready to meet the world.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- An Indianapolis couple's baby boy didn't wait for the hospital. He arrived in the front seat of his parents' car Tuesday morning.

Nikul Patel was driving on the Interstate 69 off-ramp to get his wife, Hermita, to Community North Hospital when she went into labor.

The parents made it to the front of the hospital, but before a doctor could make it, Nikul delivered the baby boy in the front seat of the car.

Nikul called for help and doctors and nurses from the maternity and emergency departments came out and helped with the delivery.

Zayden Patel was born around 7:30 a.m., right outside Community North.

The hospital said mom and baby were doing great Tuesday afternoon.

(Photo provided by Community Health Network.)

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