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Indiana Home to One of America's Lowest DUI Rates

Sgt. John Perrine: "A lot of it shows how great the people of Indiana are."

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- A study done by says that Indiana has one of America's lowest rates of drunk driving incidents and arrests. 

Indiana ranks eighth on the list with New York topping it, followed by Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Utah, Rhode Island, and Virginia. State police Sgt John Perrine of the Indianapolis region says that it all boils down to the fact the Hoosiers know how to obey the law.

"A lot of it shows how great the people of Indiana are," Perrine said. "I mean we're Hoosiers, they know how to abide by the rules, we know how to have fun but do it the right way."

This ranking is in spite of an 11.3% increase in drunk driving fatalities on Indiana roadways last year, that according to the BackGroundChecks study. 178 people were killed throughout the state as a result of drunk driving in 2016.

Wyoming topped the list in spite of having only 56 drunk driving deaths, but for them, that is a 16.9% increase since it is adjusted for a lower state population. 

In Utah, which ranked fourth on the list, just passed legislation this week that lowers the legal Blood Alcohol Content limit to 0.05 from 0.08. Sgt. Perrine is withholding judgement on what he thinks of the move in Utah.

"I would let our state legislators make that decision for us," says Perrine. "But obviously anything that could potentially increase the safety of out roads should be looked into."

The largest increase in drunk driving deaths was seen in Oregon with a 56.3% increase seeing 155 people die on roadways in 2016, but fell 24th on the list with the adjusted population taken into account.

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